[VIDEO] What is Enlightenment and How Do You Attain It?

If you ever wondered about what Enlightenment is really about, in this video we talk about what it is and how you can attain it. We dispel the falsehoods of Enlightenment taught in many self-development books about perfection and being all good.

Find out how you can attain Enlightenment and still have a rich, soulful and passionate life with love, success, wealth and health by practicing non-attachment.

Enlighten people get mad, they have bad days and they also know how to work with their mind to create harmony when they need it.

You can go further than just surviving in the ego-mind to becoming an advancing human being creating something amazing that is aligned with your true purpose in life.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows how to move up the pyramid to higher levels of being. Your external results do not reflect your level of enlightenment. You can be very successful materialistically but not be evolved. There is no spiritual trick to manifest money, success or love. There is no quick fix to reach enlightenment.

Move from survival mind to enlightened mind – it is already within you to be enlightened. You already are the higher self and have that divine consciousness within you. You are just misperceiving your experience and misidentifying with the ego.

Enlightenment is a perception rather than a “doing” through action. Psychologically you need the right understanding. Carl Jung gave us a map of the mind and psyche and how you can navigate through yourself to discover the deeper part of you – the collective unconscious.

You are not an ordinary person. You are an amazing being.





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