There was a time when I had dreams but had no idea how to make them a reality. I dreamed of finding a true love and doing something meaningful as a career.  I encountered so many obstacles along the way but I kept moving and hoping that things would turn out. Not because I was so sure that they would, but because I couldn’t stand the thought of retreating back to die an unfulfilled life. I wanted to teach about love and personal development. I wanted to write a book on finding love by accessing the subconscious mind, be interviewed as an expert on television and lead workshops around the world. I also wanted to find my own true love but past experience never gave me a hint of hope that it would ever happen. No matter the odds, I kept moving. I remember once when I was at a women’s networking event and I shared my dreams of being a relationship expert. The woman across from me shouted to the rest of the group, “Look at her, she wants to be a relationship expert and she’s not even in a relationship! Isn’t that funny?”  Yes, they all had a good laugh on my account. But, that didn’t stop me. They told me that I didn’t have a Ph.D. so forget about getting a book deal. They told me I couldn’t get interviewed on television because I didn’t have the right credentials or didn’t have the right look. They told me that I wouldn’t find a great guy because after all I was forty and I just needed to settle for good enough. I didn’t listen to them and continued toward my goals.