Changing Your Dating Patterns

Our lives are nothing but one pattern after another.  Being creatures of habit, we tend to like the same things and are also always being drawn to the same situations and people.  No matter what job I had, I always had a boss that did not appreciate me.  In my relationships, I seemed to attract the men that took me for granted as well.  If we look closely, the patterns in our lives are everywhere.

Instead of looking out there for change, the most effective way to change the unhealthy patterns is to change your subconscious programming.  Changing the habit of how you feel about yourself and your thoughts about how others treat you can transform your life.  Choosing to feel lovable and adored will only attract those who treat you that way – whether it is your boss, your man or even your parents.  Making conscious decisions when dating instead of simply relying on that "infatuation" feeling, can also have a powerful effect when create new dating habits. 

By simply practicing a visualization or meditation (self-hypnosis) each day and refocus your mind, you can get into the habit of attracting the circumstances and people around you that you truly desire.  Being more present with your thoughts throughout your day can also help you "cancel" the bad ones before they get into a dangerous, slippery slope of negativity.  Your mind will always get into a habit of thinking, but you can choose the quality of those thoughts if your train your mind right. 

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