Get A Hug – Confidence Video

Feel a lift of confidence or just want to be reminded of how loved you are, check out this short video. Whether you are single or even just going through a hard time, I hope these words will soothe you and remind you of how lovable you are.

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  • Mudvayne
    Posted at 04:54h, 10 July Reply

    Interesting article with some good insights. BTW, has anybody tried out the Mack Tactics program? My buddy John keeps talking about it, he says he gets laid all the time at his college by using those “Mack” techniques. He told me there is one conversational tactic called “Hypotheticals” that blows away any of the converstion stuff that the other pickup artist guys teach. Anyway just wanted to know if anybody else had reviewed it. You can check out a bunch of their stuff for free at the How To Get Girls website. Good luck out there in the field…

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