Dating Tip – Benefits to Staying Single

When you are dating and cannot seem to find the right person, sometimes it is because of a hidden benefit that you get from staying single.  This idea is typically unconscious and can sabotage your dating experience.  Most people do not know what blocks them from attracting the right partner.  Some say their dating foibles are because of bad luck or awful timing.  My take on the issue is that if you want to attract your life partner and he or she is not in your life, there is something going on in your subconscious mind that prevents it from manifesting.

To find out what your possible block is, you can make a list of all the benefits that you get from being single.  Find a quiet space and just write anything that comes to your mind.   It may be hard at first to come up with some items for your list, but after a few minutes you may be surprised at what you write down.  When you see the predominate factor in keeping you single, work with your hypnotherapist and do self-hypnosis on reframing those ideas in your mind.  When you are clear on all levels on your mind, nothing can hold you back from manifesting anything or anyone.

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