Do you feel judged by others for being single?

When I was single, everyone was trying to “fix” me so that I could be in a relationship like everybody else. People saw my social status as a curse and I believed it myself. The truth is, nothing is wrong with you. Actually, I was the smart one to NOT settle for Mr. OK and waited to find the love of my life.

Robert and I were honored to be a part of YourTango’s Love Expert series. Watch the video where we weigh in on being single and how to feel good regardless of your social status!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:37h, 11 January Reply

    This is a hugely important truth we all need to hear; our marital/romantic status is no longer a definitional yardstick for others to assess and judge our worthiness and acceptability as a human being. When people are judging and trying to limit us by defining us (by a variable such as marital/romantic status) – they are often covertly projecting their own internal judgment and limiting beliefs about themselves.

    The trick is whether we are triggered by others’ judgments; we can choose to succumb to their judgments and make them mean something about us. Or, we can have a strong internal sense of who we really are (regardless of something transient like marital/romantic status as just one example) and easily ignore and courteously dismiss others’ innuendo and judgments, as lies.

    If you look at the people out there who are teaching others to attract their life-partner soul mate (the burgeoning ‘love coach’ industry) the good teachers are those who have done the hard work and now have their own healing and results to show that they walk their talk because they have created an authentic true love committed/married soul mate partnership.

    Most of these teachers are: older and wiser, who did not attract their soul mate until their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

    Indeed, sharing open generous true love, instead of getting some romantic attachment drama, seems to be a discovery that comes with acquired wisdom and thereby age. So it is also probably more likely for those who are older, who have had the courage to resist society’s pressure to settle for anyone in order to escape the judgments of peers and relatives (‘why aren’t you married yet?) by instead having faith, and meanwhile, going to the best ultimate love coach there is – your divine guiding wisdom within.

  • Tanya
    Posted at 22:38h, 01 February Reply


    I thought that this kind of thinking and discrimination of singles happens only in digressive parts of the world like the Balcans.. I always kneew that Western European society os perhaps the most progressive in the world regarding thinking, but I did not know that USA is so much behind. The reason may lie behind religion that has very important role in American society and American Puritan history?

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