Exhausted from Trying to Change Your Life?

Feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere and frustrated with your results in trying to find love or make more money? Do you wonder if anything works or if you are just not meant to change? So many people share your frustration. The harder you try, though, the more you get the opposite result. Watch this video to find a way to FREE YOUR MIND to create what you want.

  • Grateful
    Posted at 19:09h, 09 September Reply

    Wow – look at your ‘reaction’ to the results of your actions; your ‘reaction’ shows you the real intention/energy, with which you made your decision/ took your own action!

    What an ‘AMAZING’ pearl of wisdom!

    Thank you so much. Spiritual teachers like Eckart Tolle, make it very clear that the ‘means and the end – are one’ and this article – backs this up.

    We are often told to look at others and external circumstances as being a mirror reflection to what is going on inside of us – but this is a real gem that is not often mentioned – your own ‘reaction’ is a mirror to your Self. Notice your own ‘reaction’ to a situation/event after we have done something – as a mirror to the ‘real’ intention with which we took the action in the first place! Our ‘reaction’ to events/outcomes and situations flowing from our action/decisions, shows us whether our action/decision, was made with the energy of love, truth, peace, desire, abundance, generosity of spirit, sincerity of love, and authenticity; or, whether it was made with the energy of EGO love that is – fear, wanting, needing (furtively and unconsciously) to get something from others.

    This seems to also mirror what A Course In Miracles teaches, as does Byron Katie: ’cause and effect’.

    So if you look at your own ‘reaction’ to anything – that is an ‘effect’ which will point you to your own cause. This therefore, shows how we can take responsibility for effects/results in life and make choices based on preference rather than desperation- without fault finding, self-blame and self-judgment.

    Thank you for this original article and video – a gem.
    Please spread the word.

  • Jackie
    Posted at 00:31h, 23 September Reply

    Love this perspective. Sometimes I have wondered if the constant self-improvement can be an addiction in itself. Great to keep growing but its exhausting to constantly find things to fix when humans aren’t perfect.

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