[VIDEO] Fox 5 NYC – Young Men & Older Women – The Cougar Craze

See my recent interview on Fox 5 News in New York City where I weigh in on the issue of older women dating younger men. Is being a cougar an acceptable term? What types of people get into these relationships? Hear what I have to say.

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  • Jill Rhodes-Harvey
    Posted at 10:41h, 15 November Reply

    The term ” Cougar” along with ” Toy boy” are both very degrading, not only for the woman but for the man too, it somehow intimates that either woman is being manipulative and just out for casual intimacy and the man, without a mind of his own to make his own choices. Additionally, you do not hear such terms, where men are concerned with a younger woman. Ideally if one is seeking a stable, long term relationship the age gap should be no more than 5-7 years either way – this produces most in common, being born and brought up in a similar decade, having similar life’s experiences, core values etc which would improve chances of longevity within a relationship.

    As one moves into the realms of age gaps of 10 or more years, and for men too, the chances of of making it long term seriously decrease. It also increases the fear of aging on behalf of the older partner, and like it or not, mother nature did not intend for us to have such un-healthy pairings. The laws according to mother nature, is that we should pair up to have babies in our early twenties with someone of our own age, or very similar. Older and younger pairings will just experience widening gaps in all kinds of things as the relationship fizzles after the initial excitement. In this kind of relationship there are no firm foundations of similarity and where you are in the aging process, and all the cosmetic surgery in the world cannot stop of turn back the clock. A much younger of man in his 20’s or 30’s may like the idea of a mature woman, but he won’t walk her down the aisle. He will start to look for women his own age.

    Just look at Madonna and Demi Moore, prime examples of women who cannot establish long term relationships with guys of their own age – and end up constantly having new partners. Did Demi Moore really believe her husband of may years younger would not revert to being a man of his tender years. I think it says more about the woman’s emotional maturity, that perhaps she finds it difficult to accept the aging process, and again you can starve yourself to be a size 6, have botox, but none will make you 20 again, and a lot of the guys they go for are near that age.

    If a woman seriously wants a loving, stable relationship she needs to look for men of her own age where they have much common ground to build the foundations of a secure and equally loving relationship. Most Cougars, as it seems known, generally are not looking for serious relationships, mostly just FUN as it’s commonly called, I prefer to say it as it is – it means SEX, as it does with guys. Any guy who says he’s looking to have some fun, he means sex without emotional involvement or commitment.

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