Hypnotic Dating?

Hello, My name is Debra Berndt and welcome to my new blog.  I am a hypnotherapist who has designed The Dating Makeover program to help singles change their subconscious mind to attract the love of their life.  Single into my 40’s, I couldn’t figure out why I kept attracting Mr. Wrong.  When I discovered hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious, I realized there is a new way to approach the dating world – from the inside out.  I am now happily in love and wish I found out this secret sooner.  Below is a link to my new Hypnotic Dating Radio Show and my first show discusses this very topic.  Enjoy the fun, uplifted humor and information along with my co-host Chris Cohn.  He’s a single guy and has lots of questions on how this works.  Come back for new episodes such as Sex and the Subconscious Mind and my How to Survive a Breakup Show.

Listen to the Hypnotic Dating Radio Show –

Show No. 1- Attract Love Show

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