Most Relationship Problems Are Caused by This One Thing

Most relationship problems are caused by our projections.  Whether you are looking for love or in a long-term relationship, most problems in relating to your partner are a result of patterns from your past.

Since childhood, our subconscious has built a database of information on how we relate to men and women based on our parents and siblings.  As adults, we grow up and project those feelings (good and bad) onto our romantic partners, friendships and co-workers.  If Dad was highly critical, we tend to see our partner always criticizing us.  Women may seem to date men that always leave them or mistreat them.  We attract bosses at work that never seem to be satisfied with the amount of work we do.  We keep attracting the same “story” over and over.

Test my theory out. Write down a list of the things you like and don’t like about each of your parents (or primary caregivers as a child).  Then write a list of things you do like and don’t like about the people you date, your friendships, your co-workers, bosses, etc.  You will find that there is a pattern.  Once this is brought to conscious awareness, you may notice a shift in your reactions to those around you.  You are the one creating the drama or lack of love inside your mind.  The source of these patterns are deep in your subconscious and you will automatically default to these ideas unless you change them in the subconscious.

The fastest and easiest way to change these subconscious beliefs is to use self-hypnosis.  This simple relaxation allows the mind to be more open to new ideas (sort of like being absorbed in a great movie).  Once shifting the old ways of thinking to a desired way to see the world, you will find that relationships improve, your job gets better and even those famly gatherings become more enjoyable.  You have the power to change your life, it just takes a little shift in your mind.

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