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August 30, 2018

EP 51: How to Realize Your Vision – 3 Mindset Keys to Creating the Life You Want

Debi and Dr Rob Show – Spiritual Psychology for Women Entrepreneurs. Episode No. 51.

You have big dreams but may feel stuck along the journey to get to the next level. In this episode is going to be about how to realize your vision, how to have a vision in your mind and how you can make it a reality in your life, whether you want to have more success, whether you want to have better health or whether you want to find true love.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How everything in your life is created
  • How your mind is the creative center
  • How we look for external conditions to make us happy and how this is the root of dissatisfaction
  • How to take aligned action to realize your vision
  • How the unconscious is dictating what you are creating
  • How to make the unconscious conscious so your can direct your life
  • Using Visualization and why it works

Your results are not showing you what is possible, they are showing you what is in your mind. – Debi Maldonado

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