Secret to getting him to call you after a date

Every single person who has dated has been there. You go out with someone and hit it off (or so you think). You feel like you’ve known each other forever and that this is “meant to be” until the following Wednesday when he hasn’t tried to contact you at all.

Many dating experts will tell you what you did wrong on the date and how to fix yourself so you won’t scare off the guys. Ladies, you didn’t scare him off with what you did as much as how you were feeling after the date. Every time you meet someone you make an energetic connection. After the date, they are plugged into you and can unconsciously feel you. You also have that knowing with them as well but maybe wasn’t aware of it.

This knowing is a subtle feeling of whether you want to pursue someone or not (that invisible pull toward them or repulsion from them). Watch my video below on how you can make sure you are sending the right signal to get him to call you!


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