Sexy Hypnosis?

Can hypnosis really help you feel sexier, more attractive and a magnet to men?  The answer is absolutely yes!  When you are feeling good, you stand taller, look thinner and carry yourself differently.  The subconscious automatically adjusts your posture, your facial expressions and your tone of voice according to your inner-most thoughts.  Most people live on auto-pilot and bring their “default” personality to the world and wonder why their dates never call them back!

The best advice I can give to my dating clients is to feel good about themselves deep inside.  “How can I learn to love myself?” they frequently ask me.  My answer is always to change the subconscious programming.  You can replace the old messages of “I am not good enough” to new, uplifting messages such as “I deserve the best.”  Imagine going on a date with the thoughts in the background supporting how great you are?  The guy will unconsciously pick up on that vibe and be more attracted to you.

The easiest way to change those old programs is to use self-hypnosis.  Don’t waste your time on affirmations.  It takes 1,000 times for an affirmation to sink in versus one time in a trance.  In 30 days, you can listen to a self-hypnosis program and completely transform your habitual thoughts and change your dating life forever.  Visit my online store to check out my relationship guaranteed self-hypnosis mp3s and dream your way to better love – you sexy thing.

  • Pinay Lady
    Posted at 13:16h, 07 May Reply

    Hi Debra:

    I’ve been reading your blogs and I found it informative and helpful. continue what you’re doing. More power to you!

    Pinay Lady

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