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[VIDEO] How to Get Unstuck in Life

Watch this video if you want to get unstuck in life and can’t consciously figure out what was going wrong. When you do not reach your goals, something internal is in the way. Dr. Rob and I share the ancient wisdom of the GUNAS, the three qualities that you bring to every action. The Bhagavad Gita explains that there are three levels of being. You can look at how your actions are being directed through emotion and make the changes you need to get unstuck.


Find out how to reach great success by following these simple instructions. Are you feeling uninspired and have low energy? Do you feel you are always running non-stop and never resting? Are you feeling clear about what you want and what actions you should take? Do you understand your real purpose?

This is how anyone can gain momentum when stuck in life, using by using the power of emotion. If you want to go deeper and master this process, sign up for a free shadow (get unstuck) session with one of our coaches and get started on changing your life today!

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