The Secret – A Relationship Resource?

There are so many different opinions about the movie, “The Secret.” My hypnotherapy clients use me as a relationship resource and have mixed results with the law of attraction because of some unconscious blocks to love. Yes, people can visualize your soulmate and think positive, but that is not the only activity that they will need to attract the one. Hidden in the subconscious are many beliefs about relationships, most of which were formed in early childhood. Women have opinions about men (based on Dad) and marriage (based on parents and the quality of their relationship). Also held on the subconscious level is how we fit in socially as a child and in our teen years.

I was always picked last for the team in school and that made an impact on my subconscious about how wanted I believed I was in life. I was the ugly duckling, but when I turned into a swan I did not bother to bring my subconscious up-to-speed. Patterns of belief run deep and are hard to change by just looking in the mirror and saying an affirmation.

The most powerful way I found to change those inner beliefs is through self-hypnosis. A light relaxation allows new information to flow to the subconscious to change the old tapes into something new and desirable. Unfortunately, there are good and bad hypnotherapists out there so make sure you find someone who is certified with A.C.H.E. (requiring the highest level of training). Self-hypnosis has changed my life. Anytime I need a little more confidence or some extra cash, I just pop in one of my self-hypnosis programs and the law of attraction works beautifully. Most people that use my Attract the Love of Your Life program have found someone within 30-90 days. So stop going to your married friends for dating advice because they’ll just tell you to stop being picky.

See “The Secret,” use the law of attraction, and just make sure your subconscious mind is cleared of blocks and you will see results much sooner.

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