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[VIDEO] How to Align Your Action to Get What You Deeply Desire

If you are getting results that are not aligned with your conscious desires, then this video will help you see how your “deepest driving desire” in your unconscious mind is driving your life. Based on the teachings in the Upanishads, Debi and Rob discuss the power of understanding the unconscious drives that keep you from attracting the right relationship, the success and money you want and finding inner peace. Watch our new video (or read the transcript below!)

“You are your deepest driving desire. As you deepest driving desire is, so is your will.

As your will is so is your deed. As you deed is so is your destiny.”

-The Upanishads

Debi: Hi, this is Debi and DR. Rob.

Dr. Rob: Nice to be here.

Debi: How are you today?

Dr. Rob: Good. How are you doing?

Debi: I’m good. I’m excited to talk about how we take action and not get the results we want and the wisdom of the Upanishads of the deepest driving desire.

Dr. Rob: Here’s a quote for you. “You’re your deepest driving desire. As your deepest driving desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed, and as your deed is, so is your destiny.” There you see the domino effect directly from the mind, your deepest driving desire in your mind all the way to what you create as your destiny.

Debi: Your results. Carl Young said it, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, you’ll think your life is just fate. The things that show up.” I’m paraphrasing but that if you don’t really understand this. When we talk about the deepest driving desire, it’s really the unconscious, what we’re not aware of.

Dr. Rob: Absolutely.

Debi: Let’s start with just how normal people think.


Debi: Not us.

Dr. Rob: I haven’t seen a normal person yet.

Debi: That an ordinary person thinks that, “I have an idea. I’m going to think about this idea and I’m going to set an intention,” which a lot of people set their intentions which is great. There’s nothing wrong with that. Then they take action toward that intention like, “I want to find love, I want to make more money, I want to change careers.” Then they take action and then they get the results that’s not really what they want. They say, “How come I’m getting all these people that are not appropriate? How come the money is not coming in? Why is this happening?”

Dr. Rob: The reason it’s not happening is because the deepest driving desire is unconscious. The unconscious mind, at the personal level, we can think of it as our program mind. All the conditioning that has gone on from the time that we were born up until yesterday or this morning, that’s your conditioning and it’s unconscious because you’re not thinking about it but it’s having a big impact on how you see the world, what you think in possible, and what you think is impossible for yourself.

Debi: What’s really interesting is that it’s unconscious, but when you find out what it is, you notice everywhere. Like it’s always been right in front of you and the only way to really see your unconscious mind is looking at your results in life. First of all, the first step is to say that I have– there’s no independent reality outside of my mind that the results in my life are not by some other force besides what’s inside me.

If you don’t even get that far, why even do this kind of work? If you’re thinking that the power is outside of you, then why work with your mind anyway just to find a way to feel good about your life and settle for– rationalize why you have the life you want? You have to say, “Yes, I’m creating this,” and that means everything. That means the things you don’t want, the things you do want. Your results are showing your unconscious mind. That’s the first clue.

Dr. Rob: Then if you want to see what is my unconscious mind or what is my deepest driving desire, that’s hidden from me, look at your results. Are you happy with your relationship? Are you happy with your work? Are you happy with your creativity level? Anything. The external situation right now in those areas is what’s in your mind. It is like looking into a mirror. It’s reflecting back to you what you really believe.

Debi: Here’s an example. If you’re in business for yourself or you want to get a promotion or you’re in a corporate job and you have this intention that, “I want to get a raise, I want to get a promotion.” Or, “I’m on my own business. I want to increase my revenue,” and you’re setting the intention. You set your goals, you take action and then you’re not reaching those goals. You’re looking and you’re saying, “Okay. Well, the bank account is not showing any sales,” or, “the job got passed over. My boss is telling me I can’t have that job.”

The ordinary person will say, “I’m doing something wrong. I got to change strategies or I have to go find another job somewhere.” The layperson says, “What I’m I doing to create this? What is this saying about my mind?” Then you start taking the power back. If you blame it on everyone else or you feel it’s something you’re chasing out there, you lose all your power.

Dr. Rob: That’s right because you’re giving your power away. You’re saying, “I’ll only be happy, be content and I’ll be in charge when things external to me line up in a certain way.” Good luck waiting for that. You might be waiting forever.

Debi: It’s never enough too if you keep looking for that carat that’s going to fulfill you. I think the greatest freedom in the world is to know that you create your life to know that you’re in charge. The system is really great. You got the results and you’re saying, “The money is not in the bank. I know I’m creating this.” Again, it’s not beating yourself up and saying, “I’m a bad person. I did it wrong.” It is more like “be curious about it. Be open in curiosity. “Let’s get to know each other’s results. Let’s see what’s in here.” You will have an emotion typically responding to that result.

Dr. Rob: Those emotions are really the key to finding what are the limitations, the assumptions that you’re making about what’s possible for your life. It’s the emotional reaction to life that really limits us because you feel it as something tangible. You feel it as kind of you’ve hit the wall. People talk about those glass ceilings. That’s exactly it. It’s not that there’s an actual ceiling there. It’s that there’s a mental ceiling and an emotional ceiling that you’re hitting and you’re not allowed to go past it until you do that inner work and that’s what it’s about. How do you make the unconscious conscious? You have to look inside. You have to examine your life.

Debi: Let me give you an example to bring it down for you to apply. Say you’re not making the money and you have this fear around that money. Whatever that is. I examine that fear. The fear could be, at first, “I’m not going to be able to pay my bills. I’m going to be homeless.” Deeper, if you examine it a little more and you just be in that feeling, you’re going to notice that what you really are afraid of is maybe what people think, what you think about yourself.

You feel like a loser. You feel like everyone else will think you’re a loser. There’s maybe a survival mechanism and what I found is that there’s three main drivers that are driving your results. One is pride. If you’re feeling ashamed because you didn’t get the result, you’re driven by pride.

Dr. Rob: I know that one.

Debi: You do? You’re worried about what other people think. The second one is protection where you feel that “if I have that money, I’m going to feel a sense of security.” A lot of people, money for them is protection. They’re taking that action but they’re feeling that, “money is going to protect me.” The third one is power where, “If I have that money, I’m going to have power. I’m going to be able to use and wield my power to do things in the world.”

If you’re using money to get power, to get pride, to be proud of yourself or to feel protected, what you’re doing is you’re giving away all your power basically to this money and so when you’re taking the actions, the deepest driving desire is really the fear of not having it. You’re having all this energy that’s actually giving you– that matches feeling that you have in the result. You see how that makes a line. It’s kind of a crooked way to go but you see that the feeling that you get in response to your result is showing the feeling that’s unconsciously driving your actions and your will.

Dr. Rob: In that sense, psychologically, it would mean it’s more of a defense mechanism, a compensation for your feeling of lack and you’re using the money or the success as a way to compensate for something. That’s not a success and that’s not creativity. Basically, you’re just running the same ego program but in– What do they call that? An external scheme.

Debi: Like a racket or something. You figure it out like the three cups that you try to find the nut under. The feeling that you get from that result is showing that fear that’s underneath. If you don’t have a fear around the result and say, “Okay, I didn’t get that result. Let me go back.” You just keep moving. What most people do is they freak out and not getting the result, they get triggered and then they feel stuck and they feel like, “Let me just try harder.” What they’re doing is just digging deeper into that fear. How do we let go with that fear of not being enough feeling like the money is going to save us because, of course, people argue, “I have to pay my bills. I have to feed myself and keep the roof above my head and pay my mortgage,” or whatever.

Rob: Well, all those are survival mechanisms and we need those things in place and we need to understand the basic levels of survival, no doubt. Creativity, creating your life, it really means understanding that the mind is the one that’s dictating your reality. Most people operate on the opposite principle. They’re waiting for external circumstances to show them that things are possible and that’s not going to happen because the external will simply reflect what you believe is possible. As you start to examine your mind, you’re opening up new possibilities in your mind. Then you’ll see those possibilities externally manifested.

Debi: That’s a beautiful way to say it because it’s really that if you really truly believe there’s lack in your life and that you don’t really feel that you can create wealth and that you can create success, it’s almost like it’s basically interrupting the flow. You’re putting all that into your action. You’re not going with that clarity of mind thinking, “I’m a conscious being. I can create what I want and I’m going to go get it and I’m going to feel in the flow and I’m going to receive it and there’s no doubt in my mind.”

What most people do is that they doubt it and they look for the results to prove that they can have it like you said versus believing it on the onset. We have to reverse engineer. What I would leave you with is, think about the emotion. What results are you getting? Reverse engineer what actions did you take, and then think about the energy you put into the action. There’s a lot of fear and rushing and intensity of trying to force things to happen. Then the will is the why? Why do you want what you want? Why do you want the money? What’s that intention about? Then you go into, is there fear underneath it? That is really where the rubber meets the road, as you say, to find out what that is.

Rob: Right. Again, your deepest driving desire is who you are, meaning it’s going to give you your destiny. As your deepest driving desire, so is your will, meaning that’s how you’re going to intend things. As your will is, so is your deed. Your will determines your pattern of actions. As your pattern of actions as your deed is so is your destiny.

Debi: It’s who you’re. It’s who you’re being when you take those actions. Not actually what you’re doing which is kind of crazy because a lot of the people think, “I have to have the right strategy. I have to have the right marketing and my brand and my funnel.” It’s all of those things are fine because you need to take the action, but if you bring this fear and this beingness of lack into everything you do, your results will show you exactly where you are. All you need to do is look at your results to see what’s in your mind. Then you have the keys to unlock it and change it.

Rob: The keys to the kingdom.

Debi: Thanks for joining us today for this brief little chat. We hope you find out what your deepest driving desire is and make it confident, powerful, higher level desire, higher purpose for knowing who you’re and the limitlessness that you have to create what you, and we hope to see you soon on another video. Visit us at

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