What is the impact of an unhealthy relationship?

When I saw this video today, it made me realize how important my work is to help women experience in healthier relationships. If this mother truly loved herself, she would have never let this horrible man in her life and around her precious child. When you settle for someone who is harmful to your heart or, worse, your children, your choices can impact so many lives. This is extreme, but a good reminder to choose to be with someone who treats you and your family well.  You are worth it.  You can stop the pattern of bad behavior by refusing to allow it to happen to you. Don’t justify even seemingly insignificant acts of abusive behavior as it may lead to something more devastating in the future.

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  • Terez Williamson
    Posted at 00:28h, 22 October Reply

    This was truly heartbreaking! I hope this video sends a powerful message to women that abuse of ANY kind is completely unacceptable.

    Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that women are experiencing abusive relationships at earlier ages.

    In fact a 2000 Bureau of Justice study found that women between the ages of 16 to 24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate abuse – nearly 20 out of 1000 women.

    I feel that one strategy needed to combat this epidemic is the reinforcement of the self-esteem of young women with healthy, positive self-images, especially in the media.

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